Hello! I'm Mel and body painting is my hobby (I really love it!). I love becoming different people and teaching myself  techniques involved with body painting/cospainting in my spare time.

Each Friday a new print is released. This is to help us manage the store as I paint each week, it gives us time to catch up on prints with the printers and keep it running as smooth as possible. 

When you purchase a print, they will be signed by myself and I am happy to sign them to a name, do let me know who you would like it signing to and I can adjust accordingly.

I am grateful to everyone who supports me, whether that is sharing and crediting my work online, following me on and instagram (MCroft07) or purchasing my prints. 

I stream all of my body paints live on twitch on Saturdays. We have a wonderful, supportive community and are always welcoming to new friends. You can click the gif below to find us.

Thank you, see you on twitch!

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